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Here’s how radio advertising can benefit you and your business: 

  • It’s affordable. Did you know radio advertising is far less expensive than TV ads but most often has the same or better reach? The low cost of local radio marketing enables you to run multiple ads, which get better results through more message repetition.
  • It’s quick because radio handles the creative.  Creating a radio ad is extremely fast because WE are responsible for the creative. Our talented staff can write and produce your ad which means you can get your message on the air quickly; usually within a day or two.
  • It’s easy to narrowly target listeners. If you have a profile of your ideal target customer, our sales team can help you figure out the best radio advertising plan to reach your target customer. We know our listeners better than anyone and we know which demographic groups are listening to specific programming, personalities and at what times of times of day would serve you best.
  • Having a specific goal for your ad campaign will help you get the results. We specialize in being able to get your customers to call you, visit your business, or go to your website to make an appointment. We will help you determine the best way to reach your customers and track its success.

Complete the form below and we will be in touch, or just reach out to our General Sales Manager Kelly Crocker at 601-956-0102. We look forward to serving you soon!